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The Greek Connection in Japan

Κρασί, or Krasi, is the Greek word for wine. Transforming this spelling to Japanese pronunciation gives us Kurasi. Here at Kurasi Wines, we aim to bridge more than just the Greek work for wine. With an in-depth knowledge of the Greek wine market, we want to share this long-standing tradition of Greek wine making with Japan and provide the finest wines Greece has to offer.


We pride ourselves in our wines and their quality. With a focus only on the best quality of grapes and local wineries, we strive to give you the best.

Wines chosen by You

We hear our customers and we take their opinions and demands very seriously. That is why at Kurasi, all of our wines are carefully selected to match the tastes and the needs set by our customers. 


We regularly hold events to showcase our unique wine selection, including our existing wines and newly chosen ones. These are tasted and tested by our valued customers and our carefully selected focus groups.


That's why we are confident you will never lose your excitement when it come to Kurasi wines.

"Love for Greek wines and Japanese culture"

As a food and wine lover, Ioannis has visited some of the finest wine bars and restaurants Japan has to offer. From the bustling cities of Tokyo and Osaka and their refined restaurants, to the most remote locations with their unique Izakaya and Yakiniku establishments. 


Over time, Ioannis has learnt the common connection that both Greece and Japan share; their love of wine and food. With a life long dream to move to Tokyo, Ioannis wants to bring a piece of Greece with him.